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Well If you want to view more just add me as friends^^

~My Fic journal: endless_views
~ozora_no_story Reborn-Based journal... mainly on thoughts of characters and chapters and fics plot...
~Websites References to online BL Manga(Mostly in Chinese), Chinese Forums mainly for fanfics... please leave me a comment


Okay Naka's Doujin had arrived but we have a little problem here... our total order are 9 Gokutsuna and 9 Mukutsuna, and I have requested Naka to send 3 gokutsuna and 2 MukuTsuna to kurot, googuru_girl and rukawagf directly

seki_yumizu (1goku,1muku)
eien_no_kaze (1goku,1muku)
sagaraice (1goku,1muku)
rox_rox (1goku,1muku)
akenosama (1muku)
rukawagf (1goku,1muku)
googuru_girl (1goku,)
kurot (1goku,1muku)

But the problem is the one arrived in Singapore we got 8 books of GokuTsuna and 8 books of Mukutsuna... we should have 6 books of Gokutsuna and 7 books of MukuTsuna instead...

So we would like to know from kurot, googuru_girl and rukawagf if you have received any books within this few days... I give it a one week time to see if you have received any books... This is important... if not... then that's means we are sort of one order of each book...

For the rest please make an arrangement with manda to pick up your book.

[Update] I've send email to Naka and found out that... Naka had Make a mistake in the sending... supposingly Ruka will receive her book... and Naka will send Kurot and Liz your book on Feb 5 (take around a week or so to reach you I guess) Please do update me when you received the book.

Thank You!

Regarding NAKA's Book...

For those who had have a group orders with me and my friend...


My friend got a mail from Naka, regarding her books... 《Certainty》Ans.1 and《Just One Step》First Step will be postponed till December...

Naka:I am very sorry that printing schedule of the books has been pushed back several months.
《Certainty》Ans.1 will print in October.(《Just One Step》First Step-->December)
I will send you the books on December.

Please leave a comment if you saw this message...
Manda had paid for the books and are confirmed by Naka already... there's a slight changes for the order that sending to Singapore cause there an increase in amount...

The order place is as below:

manda_des 1 muku + 1 goku path
craze_izumi 1 muku + 1 goku path
seki_yumizu 1 muku + 1 goku path
eien_no_kaze 1 muku + 1 goku path
sagaraice 1 muku + 1 goku path
rox_rox 1 muku + 1 goku path
akenosama 1 muku
gooruru_girl 1 goku path
rukawagf 1 muku + 1 goku path
kurot 1 muku + 1 goku path

For Singapore Group:

Payment Stated by Naka-

[(40*7)+(35*6)] + [Postage+packing charges] *1.04
[490]+[200]=HKD690*1.04 =717.6(USD 95)

So each of us will be paying

[40]+[15.4]=HKD55.4*1.04=57.6 (USD7.6/SGD10)

manda_des: SGD 19
craze_izumi /seki_yumizu: SGD19+SGD19= SGD 38
eien_no_kaze : SGD 19
sagaraice /rox_rox /akenosama : SGD19+SGD19+SGD10= SGD48

[35]+[41]=HKD 76*1.04=80(USD 10.6)

gooruru_girl : USD 10.6

[75]+[68]=HKD 143*1.04=149(USD 19.7)

rukawagf: USD 19.7

[75]+[68]=HKD 143*1.04=149(USD 19.7)

kurot: USD 19.7

Please contact manda_des at manda.suki@gmail.com (this is not her paypal account) regarding the payment if you paying her through paypal... or arranging for a meeting to pay her directly...

once again please leave a comment if you see this post

Confirmation List for Naka's Altor Doujin

Confirmation List... Comment will be screened so if you have anything you want to change...before I send it to Naka Please do so as soon as possible...

Please check carefully your order...

1. This list will go to Naka and you will pay her the money directly (what's the payment? She will send you the info about the payment with in the next few days most possibly when she received the list I sent her on 19 July)

2. Make the Payment before August 1st to Naka if not it will be considered that you give up the book.

3. Your book will not go through me... your book will be send directly to you by Naka.

4. I forget to say that you can request signature... however there's a need to let you know that Naka is already having 2000plus books at hand to sign... so if your book didn't get signature don't blame it on anyone...

5. if you still want to get her signature... leave a comment tell me your ID not the LJ username...

6. Make sure the email you give me are usable... if your email have problems... Naka can't send you anything about the payment... then it's not our fault if you can't buy the book.

That will be all... for now


America area(USA/Canada/New York/Flordia/California/etc...)
ID Quantity Signature
Margie 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes
tsudera @ lj 69* (1) 59* (1)
Carly 69* (1) 59* (1)
Sally 69* (1) Yes
Carina Sartor-Pielak 69* (1) 59* (1)
final 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes
Brenda Fan 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes
infringe 69* (1) 59* (1)
Keiko 69* (1) Yes
ayuminemoto 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes
Jane, xxtakusenxx 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes
liely 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes
Agapetus 69*(1) Yes
faith_xhymns 59* (1) Yes
Sleepinthrulife 69* (2) 59* (2) Yes
Kira-Kiri 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes

European area
ID Quantity Signature
Andru Ha 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes
kayuuko 69* (1) 59* (1)

ID Quantity Signature
firelid 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes
Lina 69* (1) Yes
itakoaya 69* (2) 59* (2) Yes
ruby_dream 69* (1) Yes
Diana 69* (1) Yes

ID Quantity Signature
Ferrum 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes

Asia area
ID Quantity Signature
Shuui 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes
Dan 69* (1) 59* (1) Yes
Kei and Chris 69* (2) 59* (2) Yes

This list will continue to be updated till I send Naka the list...
The price for Naka's book is out... and I did a convertion and calulations on how much you must pay all price are rounded up...

Order Place
manda_des 1 muku + 1 goku path
craze_izumi 1 muku + 1 goku path
eien_no_kaze 1 muku + 1 goku path
sagaraice 1 muku + 1 goku path
rox_rox 1 muku + 1 goku path
akenosama 1 muku
gooruru_girl 1 goku path
rukawagf 1 muku + 1 goku path

Naka's Calculation of price...

[Total amount for the order of books] + [Postage+Certified charge+packing charges] *1.04

Original Price Naka stated (sending to Singapore)

Total: [415]+[182]= HKD 597*1.04=621(USD 80)

Calculated and Converted price
manda_des : USD 14.65 = 20 SGD
craze_izumi: USD 14.65 = 20 SGD
eien_no_kaze: USD 14.65 = 20 SGD
sagaraice / rox_rox/ akenosama: USD 14.65+USD 14.65+ USD 7.65 (20 SGD+20 SGD+10.4 SGD)=USD39.95 (50.4SGD) (since sagaraice paying for rox_rox and akenosama I make a total calculation for you too...)

*All the amount converted will be round up...

**Payment for Singapore order might change if we change to international mail instead of speed post and I will remind you again when the payment is done and confirm


Original Price Naka stated (sending to USA 01)

gooruru_girl's payment will be [35]+[41]=HKD 76*1.04=80(USD 10.3)


Original Price Naka stated (sending to USA 02)

rukawagf's payment will be [75]+[68]=HKD 143*1.04=149(USD 19.1)

Whether you are paying back Manda directly or paying back Manda money through paypal... please email her at the_fonds@hotmail.com to arrange for a meeting time or her paypal account

* Manda will be paying the payment first for all of us(cause we need to make payment to Naka by Aug 1)... Naka will start sending us the book in September...

Please make a comment when you saw this post so that I will know that you have seen the post


kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa saw the picture on the chinese website...

GIOTTO is voice by Namikawa Daisuke(also cast as Bleach- Ulquiorra, Tsubasa-Fay, Tenipuri-Otori Choutarou)

so it isn't Kondo... but oh well I still love him XD

SPOILERS PIC...sadly Giotto only Collapse )


Haha... waited and waited... the cover of GokuTsuna is finally out... it's so sweetXDDDD

I'm so totally not spamming!!!

Before I forget... cause I'm scared that I can't get the fic out by today...

Happy Birthday, Pineapple KingMukuro-sama!!!!!!!

Jun. 7th, 2008

Although I only saw the picture... and well Giotto isn't out on today's ep... but



I just hope to listen to Giotto-sama voice as soon as possible... and hope that the drawing of the next ep will be nice... or at least okay...

HERE's a picture...XDDD

Gotta Love Giotto-sama!!!Collapse )