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::爱不一定要拥有, 重要的是我的心意能够传达出去.::

*@*两个人在一起并不代表互相爱着, 有的只是更多的痛苦*@*

14 January 1989
Hi, I'm CrazeIzumi, or you can call me Yun. It's been a long time. Haven't been updating at all for the past 1~2 years. Lives been busy, with all those other social network coming up. Don't think I'll ever catch up with it.

My Fic Journal: endless_views

Communities Created

gundamseedyuri-It's Girls Love Era!!!-A GS/D girls love(yuri) community-Co-mod with fluffyfledgling
voice_cracks-Voice Cracks-Having fun with voice messages-Co-mod with cheese_cookies

ryoma_castle-Castle of Ryoma-A Place where Ryoma has his Affairs
ryoma_equal_uke-Love isn't a Sin, Being a Uke isn't Wrong-A community for fans that luv Ryoma as uke
tsunafish-Delicious(?)Tsunafish-Minna wa Tsuna daisuki!

shinncaga-From Hatred to Love...-A Shinn x Cagalli community-Co-mod with uzuhi and cloudedge
orangexponta-*@*The Ultimate Love of Orange and Ponta*@*-A Ryoga x Ryoma Community-Co-mod with gentle_yuki

Role Playing
crossboundaries(main)/crossb_rplifes/crossb_rplog-Cross Boundaries Boarding Club-An Anime Crossover RP community-Co-mod with jgal87, black_myst, kiradyn_rhiode, morphiria, thesundaywriter

30_angsts-Co-mod with quinesale, solitaryjane
30_cracks-Co-mod with candy__chan, echizenryuma
30_memories-Co-mod with a_white_rain, whitelilies22
30_nights-Co-mod with eien_no_kaze, quinesale
30_smirks-Co-mod with jgal87, ammchan
30_sweets-Co-mod with solitaryjane, whisperinghope
chinese_storage-*@华文文库= Chinese Storage@*-A Chinese writing community for Chinese writers



allxkagami, aokaga, aomine daikixkagami taiga, hibarixtsuna, hibatsuna, katekyo hitman reborn, kuroko no basuke, uke!giotto, uke!kagami, uke!tsuna